Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Because I'm not at my goal weight I decided not to purchase any clothes until then. But that hasn't stopped me from searching and getting ideas. My wardrobe for vegas can be summed up in one word "SLUT". Don't get me wrong I carry myself well and with respect buuuuut THIS IS VEGAS! It's defined as the adult playground. I want to oooze sex appeal my entire stay in Vegas and have attached some of the outfits I wouldn't mind wearing once I'm the right size.

37 Days to Go

I have only 37 days to go in order to fit into my bikini. Did I mention it was string? Maybe not as risque as the picture but close! I'm currently on the Scarsdale diet which is a low carb diet. The diet is 14 days in length with normal results of anywhere of 10-15 pounds of weight loss. I do admit that it isn't the most exciting diet but it does work. I am going to follow it very strictly this week and see what happens. With my diet I am also working out. I decided a very long time ago that the gym wasn't for me. I prefer to workout at home to DVD's and I'm currently am working out to "Skinny Bitch" and "P90X" both are great videos. I work out 5x/week. So far I'm down to 155 and my goal is 135 so 20 punds to go in 37 days. Check back in to see my results.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So my weight loss goal centres around this "adult wonderland". I plan on wearing nothing but short shorts and bikinis. I reside in Toronto and in need of some sun. So that is all good except for the fact my body is not bikini ready. This is where the blog comes in. I hope by writing this blog I can share some of me experiences along with getting feedback from you. Join me through the restricted but okay diet that I'll do and the workout routine that I really hope I stick to.